Contemporary porcelain jewellery

Handmade with love



is the story of contemporary porcelain jewellery,

as unique and beautiful as you.

Every piece is designed and lovingly handmade in Denmark.

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Porcelain Cowrie Shell Collar Necklace
Porcelain Cowrie Shell Teardrop Earrings
Mini Porcelain Pretzel Necklace
Porcelain Black Cherry Earrings
Porcelain Cowrie Shell Stretch Bracelet
Little Mermaid Porcelain Seashell Bracelet
Mini Porcelain Pretzel Earrings
Golden White Porcelain Strawberry Necklace
Porcelain Cowrie Shell Linear Earrings
Little Mermaid Porcelain Seashell Necklace
Porcelain Clam Shell Statement Stud Earrings
Golden Black Porcelain Strawberry Earrings

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