Mini Porcelain Moonlight Rose Drop Earrings

SKU: E_022
  • Inspired by nature, these mini flower cabochons and leaves create a pure, feminine and pretty look. They tell a romantic story about moonlight and roses. They pair perfectly from a bridesmaid gown or a cocktail dress to your smart clothes or your T-shirt and jeans. Earrings are made of porcelain flower cabochons; gold-pated brass base; gold-plated silver ear hooks.



    • Handmade porcelain moonlight rose cabochons
    • Gold-plated brass bases
    • Gold-plated brass leaves
    • Gold-plated silver ear hooks


    SIZE & FIT

    • Earring length: 32mm

    • Earring width: 13mm



    • White, gold



    • 4g


    Handmade in Denmark.